Cabrera Industries Inc

We aim to be one of the world’s leading on-demand live broadcasting search directory engines for anything you need in real-time, by simplifying the very fundamental functionalities of technology as a service that will result in a massive surge in job and business creation.

  • To provide the world with economic opportunities.
  • Accelerate and reinvent On-Demand services
  • Provide cost-effective technology solutions

We think along with you and nurture creative ideas with all the necessary ingredients that will help your business to become successful.


  • To provide the world with economic opportunities.
  • To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected
  • Make a difference in the world.

Cabrera Industries has achieved to transform the traditional Uber-like ‘on-demand’ technologies by enabling state-of-the-art AI/machine learning search engine algorithms with impressive user experience, streamlined to deliver ease of use. We are a team of highly skilled engineers and business visionaries toiling away to develop two revolutionary platforms with a profitable opportunity as a billion-dollar market. We are confident in breaking new grounds and committed to ongoing innovation that lowers costs and raises expectations.

  • Marketing and sales professionals.
  • International business management & operations experience. Presently & previously owned business’s in most industries
  • We assist in efficient business management.

Who We Are

Cabrera Industries Inc. is the umbrella hub marketing & tech company based in Toronto, Canada. Founders of the world’s first revolutionary SaaS On-Demand ecosystem facilitating economic growth opportunities for all sectors in businesses, individuals, governments & Investors.
Our applications consist of mobile and desktop platforms offering several unique sets of features that aid in creating real-time services which cannot be compared to other applications found in global markets.

We leverage brand intelligence to develop meaningful content

Our proven Technology and Marketing methodologies are agnostic to industry, product, service or individual. We partner with companies to bring clarity to their brand offering actionable sales, marketing plans and foster genuine customer experiences.

What we offer

Ai Gig economy business & technology solutions

Data Engineering
Prediction System
Data & Analytics
Object Tracking