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Why now is the ideal time to launch your start-up in more than one demographic?

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As the world becomes forgetful of the days before the internet and globalization, some new opportunities in how we conduct business have emerged. New opportunities mean better understanding of the consumer you are trying to cater to. With globalization, it is easier than ever to cater to markets beyond your local one. In the past, […]

Unemployment Rates Sink, On-Demand gig Services Rise. Why?

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Unemployment falls to a 50-year low in September 2019. As 2019 closed with record lowunemployment rates, 2020 surprises with even lower all-time low unemployment rates and noreversal in site. This has sent many analysts into a scurry trying to explain the unpredictablelows. Having spent the last few years analyzing and developing for the on-demand economy,it […]

The Gig Economy – How tech investors made billions.

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As globalization and the internet take centre stage in the 21st century, there evolve new ways to communicate, new ways to educate, new ways to express ourselves, and new ways to provide services to the global masses. Gone are the days where being in control of your own work schedule entailed a hefty investment into […]